Lampedusa, Italy

In early October, a team of six young journalists travelled to Lampedusa in Italy from across the world.  Selected to participate in Prix Italia - Italy's top journalism prize - they documented what they saw in this forgotten part of the refugee crisis.

In 2016 alone, over 130,000 migrants have already arrived on Lampedusa's shores. These refugees come mainly from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Nigeria.


Meet Priest Don Mimmo...

He makes sure every body that is found is buried with dignity.

How? By finding out about their stories.

Lampedusa Cemetery

In the cemetery, refugees who didn't survive their escape are buried among Lampedusa inhabitants. There is no anonymous "special refugee zone". Each person has a spot where space is available. We all belong to humanity. 

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Meet Francesco, a Carpenter from Lampedusa

He has lived his whole live on Lampedusa. He started working as a carpenter when he was very young...